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About Us

  • Executive Summary
  • In November of 1970, our company started, for the first time in country’s history, as a small business specializing in carbonic acid gases. We have diligently acquired and expanded our sales market and boldly and aggressively reinvested to fight against supply and demand imbalance caused by market changes. Therefore, as compared to our competitors operating single factory to meet the daily demands, we have successfully operated 4 manufacturing plants to process the raw materials supplied by 6 suppliers. This has caused us to advance in our field, securing stable production processes. As it was in the former term, during this term we are maintaining our status as the industry leader with encouragement from stable market price and steady trade with large demand businesses and effective surplus management. This company will actively prepare against the changing management environment and expand base of market demand and establish new suppliers to pursue and stimulate the potential demand – constantly increasing the creation of profit.

  • Carbonic Gas Industry Defined
  • Industry that produces high purity liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice using gaseous by products from petrochemistry, fertilizer, and ethanol plants. It is feasible for carbon dioxide to be chemically engineered but using the residual products from petro chemistry, fertilizer and ethanol plants is most economically efficient.

  • Flow of Carbonic Gas Industry
  • Raw materials supplier (Petrochemical plant, Fertilizer plant, Ethanol plant) → Purity level 99.98% or above (refined/compressed/liquefied) → Liquid carbon dioxide → -79.8℃ refrigerated/compressed → Dry Ice
    Liquid carbon dioxide Usage: Industrial (Welding, Fire extinguishing, Refrigerant, antioxidant etc), Foods and Beverages (Beers, Sodas, water), Medical goods (Anesthetic agents, Insecticides)
    Dry Ice Usage: Cool retention and preservation of perishable goods, rapid refrigerant, special effects for events, medicines, special cleansing agents, and etc.

  • Production Capability (Unit: ton/day)
  • Factory Raw material suppliers Daily production quantity Remarks(Raw material process)
    Daesan LG Chemicals 50 tons Ethylene Oxide (E.O)
    Samsung Total 90 tons
    Yeosu Honam Petroleum 170 tons Honam: Ethylene Oxide (E.O)
    AIR LIQUIDE 260 tons AIR: Naphtha steam reforming (H2)
    Onsan Isu Chemicals 70 tons Naphtha steam reforming (H2)
    Naju LG Chemicals 45 tons Adding H2 in Octanol process

    Current share holding of national market’s CAPA: 31.5% As stated in the above statement diversity in raw material suppliers and regional distribution of manufacturing factory secure superiority and competiveness over our peers and provides stable production and reduced logistics cost – faithfully serving as the nation’s leader in provider of carbonic acids.

  • Sales of Featured products (Unit: 1000won)
  • Division 2009 2008 2007
    Liquide carbon diocxide Sales 22,929,840 19,785,489 14,822,397
    Relative weight 60.2% 56.0% 56.7%
    Dry Ice Sales 2,880,792 2,815,618 2,127,070
    Relative weight 7.6% 8.0% 8.1%
    General Gas (commodity) Sales 12.280.320 12,746,030 9,174,050
    Relative weight 32.2% 36.0% 35.2%

  • Productions of Featured Products (Unit: Ton)
  • Item Factory 2009 2008 2007
    Liquide carbon diocxide Daesan 41,862 49,723 38,111
    Yeosu 81,570 93,729 86,416
    Naju 22,765 19,591 21,379
    Onsan 10,933 11,487 11,510
    Subtotal 157,130 174,530 157,416
    Dry Ice Daesan 4,428 4,812 4,739
    Yeosu 2,276 2,490 1,935
    Subtotal 6,704 7,302 6,674
    Total 163,834 181,832 164,090
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