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  • Summary
  • Along with nitrogen, and oxygen, argon is one of the three major components of the atmosphere. The atmosphere contains about 0.9% of argon and it is a chemically stable inert gas. Its liquid form has boiling point is at -186℃ and as it is for oxygen and nitrogen, liquid form is separated and produced through cryogenic method. Its inertness is higher than nitrogen so it is used for special welding and inert atmosphere gas of high temperature.

  • Usage
  • Shielding gas for welding of non-ferrous metals including aluminum and stainless
    Inert atmosphere gas (manufacturing of silicon crystal, semiconductor, carbon fiber, and enclosing of light bulbs)
    Emission analysis of metals
    Manufacturing of special steels
    Continuous casting of steels
    Manufacturing of metal powders
    Plasma gas cutting

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